French I

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Full year

Unique curriculum that meets the needs, interests and aspirations of its particular learners and influenced by a global dimension in action. This introductory level course at the Upper School is designed for those students who are either starting the language or who have some background but need greater reinforcement of basic skills.

Verbal ,  written expression and comprehension.

  • Strategies to communicate in French about basic and daily activities.
  • Development of vocabulary: household objects, classrooms, campus, activities, basic idiomatic expressions, weather and seasons, telling time and time words, duration,  days of week,  months,  numbers, percentages, fractions, euros, solid and liquid  expressions, date, schedule, school, families and friends, food, hobbies, personal information and current news.
  • How to ask questions and formulate answers.
  • Grammar / spelling: The word orders in a sentence-  Functions of several introducers (C'est- Voila- Il y a)-  Open and closed questions- Different forms of questions- Interrogative questions- The negative- Proper nouns -  Articles-  How do gender works? (Articles-Nouns-Adjectives-Pronouns- Exceptions)-  Plural- Singular- Definite articles- indefinite articles- Partitives- Possessive adjectives- Demonstrative adjectives- Function and types of pronouns- Comparatives- Superlatives- Conjugaison: Categories of verbs: ER-IR and irregular  verbs with auxiliaries être and avoir- Present indicative- Near future and simple future- Impérative- Perfect tense- Introduction to Imperfect-  Different connectors to link two sentences- Past participle agreement- Pronominal verbs- The gerund form with en and the present participle- The passive voice- 
  • Geography: La France- L'Europe- Les Pays Francophones- Paris-  History when needed as a reference-


Skills and Processes: 
  • Basic conversation skills on daily basis situating the day, activities, feelings and emotions.
  • Development of themes to increase vocabulary.
  • Interpretation of writen and verbal language with images and actions.
  • Repetitive sessions for enunciation and  hearing development of  the new sounds.( CD and DVD)
  • Daily speaking for each learner.
  • Learning how to read- Reading aloud regularly-

Text: LATITUDES 1-2CD- with workbook 1-1CD- 1 DVD-Grammar: Atelier FLE- Various readers-

Multicultural Dimension: 
  • Cultural differences expressed in various texts and web-sites. Interactions in class.
  • Awareness of the concept of global citizenship, conflict resolution, diversity, human right, interdependence, social justice, sustainable development and values and perceptions.
  • Understanding and acceptance of appropriate manners, emphasis on being responsable.
  • Knowledge of other French speaking countries and their traditions. Understanding and potentially engaging in making their own distinctive research on global issues ( social, political, environmental and economic) and events.
  • Ressources: websites in the French language, reading of newspapers( Le Monde- L'OBS-) and periodicals (GEO magazine), movies,  speeches from guests.