Drawing & Painting

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Full year

Students in this course have the opportunity to express themselves in drawing, painting, and printmaking techniques. Emphasis is placed on acquiring a wide range of skills. In print-making, students will produce block prints, mono prints, embossings and etchings. Using the campus, we will draw and paint outdoors.  Studio work will include portraiture and life drawing from professional models. Projects include both assigned and independent, student-initiated pieces in traditional and contemporary formats. The class provides time for skill development, which supports students’ independent work.


Unit Essential Questions Habits Of Mind Content Skills and Processes Assessment Resources Multicultural Dimension Integrated Learning
Orchard Drawing and Watercolor Painting
Acrylic Painting

Why is visual imagry important to human beings?

What are the techniques we can learn to express ourselves with painting materials?

What are the steps which make it possible to create a visual image?


Risk taking is essential in learing how to communicate effectively.

Learning to look, really look at what you want to reproduce.  Spend 90% of your time looking at the object and 10% watching yourself drawing.

Students use their own drawings, a photograph, (which they preferably took), or work from the work of an artist, who's work they admire.

Color mixing theory is taught inbetween work on the orchard drawing and the first acrylic painting.

           Students can practice mixing three sets of primary colors and tints and shades.  These should be kept in their sketch book along with a color wheel.

Laying out the composition is the first step.  It can be done with pencil or preferabley with a small brush and one color.  Getting the whole composition on the canvas is important.  Painting the back ground first is the next step.  The foreground will be painted on top of the background.  Students are encouraged to work in large blocks of color.  Details are the last stages of the process. 


proportion, gesture, contour drawing, negative space

 Individual conference with student or group critique. 

 Numerous books about artists located in our Catlin Library or going on line to any museum in the world to look at thier collection. Students can also go on line looking up the style of art or an artist to find paintings to look at and work from.


 Looking at the human body reminds us that we are universally the same.

 We borrow the skeleton from the science department and all grades in Draw/Paint learn the bones of the skeleton and complete a drawing of the entire skeleton. More advanced student do detailed drawings as well.

Block Printing
Life Drawing

Why draw the human body?

Why is understanding proportion essential to a successful life drawing?

Why does drawing the skeleton assist life drawing?







Starting with ten, one minute gesture drawings, student will draw the figures.  The quick drawing forces students to focus on the figure and not be self-conscience.

Increase time from five to ten minutes.  Move on up to fifteen minutes or longer as the class needs.

Add lights and introduce shaddow and contrast as students are able.

 Students draw from a model for ninty minutes.

Students view their work and decide the accuracy of proportion, composition and shading when working with the model.

Critique student work as a class.  Have a conversation with the group about proportion and composition.


Use of a professional model from Willamette Models' Guild

Pencil, charcoal, paper

Look at examples of artist life drawing: Degas, Dali, Da Vinci, etc.

The Catlin Gabel Library has many books with examples, or you can use Google Images to search online.



Life drawing imphasizes the similarities but the physical differences between humans.  It is the foundation of working with the human form. 

Integrated learning with science is the most obvious.  We always draw the skeleton which is located within the science building.  We also display the drawings in the science building.

Individual Drawing & Painting Projects