Chinese III

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Full year
Essential Questions
*What are the fundamental characteristics of Chinese culture and language?
*What are the fundamental skills students need to use beginning Chinese accurately and spontaneously?
*What are the most efficient learning and teaching strategies needed to use beginning Chinese accurately and spontaneously?
*How best to integrate and utilize technology in the Chinese language classroom curriculum?
Declarative Knowledge: Content 
*800 new Chinese characters and use in a variety of contextualized reading and writing tasks
*Chinese sentence constructionto express opinions, intentions, and desires.
* Study characters and vocabularies to develop more sophisticated reading and writing skills.
* Read short stories and articles in Chinese adapted from authentic materials.
*Current happenings in China
*Study techniques to learn and practice both oral and written language
* Chinese will be the official language of the classroom.
Procedural Knowledge: Skills & Processes 
- To participate in face-to-face discussion and deliver lecture-style, visually enhanced presentations
-Comprehend ideas and details in stories on familiar topics
- To produce a formal, reflective essay 400-character with all the grammar patterns learned
-To read a variety of contextualized materials by using Chinese dictionaries
*Papers, test, skits, interview
*weekly vocabulary and characters quizzes
*Unit tests
*End of term oral proficiency interviews and written tests
Multicultural Dimension 
* Increasing cultural awareness of both China and the United States
* Learn about lives of people in China through cultural readings, internet research, and videos
* Accept ambiguity in language by using context clues
* Familiarity with idioms
* Analyze underlying cultural values manifested in fine arts, literature, media and day-to-day life
* Explore social conventions regarding requesting services, paying social visits, eating and drinking, making friends etc. and learn appropriate behaviors
*Situational Functional Chinese, Drills & Notes, Language Group
*Handouts (Teacher created materials)
*Daily TV news, drama, movies and online materials
*Textbook: Learn Chinese with Me textbook 3 and workbook 3