Chinese II

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Full year
Essential Questions
*What is the value in learning a Modern language?
*How do you compare between Chinese cultural values and your own values?
*How will you handle communicating in Chinese at your level of knowledge of the language?
Declarative Knowledge: Content 
*500 new Chinese characters and use in a variety of contextualized reading and writing tasks
*Communication strategies with a limited range of vocabulary and grammatical structures
*Chinese sentence construction
*Vocabulary laused in simple interactions communicating about recent events
*Geography of China and major Chinese cities
*Customs and cultural norms
*Current happenings in China
*Study techniques to learn and practice both oral and written language


Procedural Knowledge: Skills & Processes 
-Use simple memorized phrases, sentences and questions on a limited range of topics. Students continue to work on developing accurate pronunciation to build fluency.
-Comprehend familiar ideas and details in short conversation and simple questions on limited range of topics
-Write/compose simple stories written in the "spoken style," and write a short letter or story with all the grammar and vocabulary learned.
-Comprehend simple text using contextual cues
*Papers, test, skits, interview
*Weekly vocabulary and characters quizzes
*Unit tests
*End of term oral proficiency interviews and written tests
Multicultural Dimension 
*Increasing cultural awareness of both China and the United States
*Learn about lives of people in China through short cultural readings, internet research, and videos
*Situational Functional Chinese, Drills & Notes, Language Group
*Handouts (Teacher created materials)
*Daily TV news, drama, and movies
*Textbook: Learn Chinese with Me textbook 2 and workbook 2