Unit Essential Questions Content Skills and Processes Assessment Resources Multicultural Dimension

•What are the elements of design?
•Is the primary function of a form to be visual or utilitarian?
•How do 3-d artifacts relay what a cultures values?
•Is the process as important as the product?

*Elements of design and their use in the creation of works of art
*Introduce skils and review techniques to create utilitarian vessels and sculptures.

*Understand the techniques for throwing, handbuilding, glazing,surface design and  firing.
*Find conections with techniques and types of art, as they relate to their cultural origins.

*Use the elements of design in the creation of original art works
*Use and demonstrate the skills and techniques required to produce sketches of ideas, to prepare the clay for use, and to carry out their ideas using ceramics as the medium
*Use and demonstrate the skills and techniques required to produce three-dimensional work.

*Create a series or self-directed series or body of work.


Critiques, Peer reviews and self-asssesments and final teacher narratives.

*Internet access
*Actual ceramic objects.
* Galleries and studio artist visits

Introduce techniques in  creation,glazing and firing as the relate from culturals:

Korea,Japan, Africa, and Native American.