Website Editing Quick Reference

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Content Types

Most users may create a Page or a News Article. A page describes the school program in a way that remains relevant throughout the year. A news article is current and grows less timely as weeks pass. Page links appear in the left-hand menu. News article links appear in the right-hand column. To create a page, go to the black editing toolbar at the top of the screen and select Create Content and then the type of item you wish to create.

The Editing Tab

Once logged into the website, you will see an Edit tab for any page that you have permission to edit. Click on that tab to enter edit mode.

The Edit Form

This form has fields for the title, body, attachments, and other page elements. Only the title is required, and you will require only the title and body fields most of the time. Enter information into each field and then click Save at the bottom of the page to save your work. The editor does not automatically save your work, so please remember to click Save periodically to avoid losing work.

The Editing Toolbar

The body field has an editing toolbar that allows you to format text, add links, add images, and more. Here are the most commonly-used tools.

Some employees have a toolbar with more options. For a complete reference, see the CKEditor user's guide.

Insert Image

Click on the insert image button. 

Select the Upload tab.

Browse your computer for an image and then send it to the server.

Wait until the image preview loads, or click the circular reload dimensions button.

If you want to wrap text around the image, then select either Left or Right from Align.