Tech support and learning styles

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Do you learn best on your own, in one-on-one sessions, or in groups? People tend to vary in how they learn best. That is why we offer many different ways to get training. If you are reading this message, chances are that you like to learn by reading. If you regularly visit our office, you probably like one-on-one conversations. If you attend our group training sessions, perhaps you like to problem-solve in good company. Maybe you like different kinds of training methods for different types of topics.

The Info Services department makes training available by all of these methods. Here is how to take advantage.

  • Write or call one of us to schedule an individual training session.
  • Look out for on- and off-campus training opportunities announced by email.
  • Read the Information Technology blog to stay abreast of new announcements and how-to's.
  • Drop us a line if you would like a piece of documentation on a specific technology or type of problem.
  • Invite us to present at a faculty or department meeting.
  • Schedule a meeting with an IT staff member.
  • Ask us about blogs, web sites and magazines we read to stay up-to-date on technologies and integration strategies.

The training topic can be anything under the sun! We look forward to working with you!