Run Entourage From Off-Campus

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Configure Entourage to access the Catlin Gabel Exchange server from off-campus.

Mac users, you don't have to use webmail! Entourage is Microsoft's
email and personal organizer application. You may configure Entourage
so that it will work from both on and off-campus. People generally
prefer a desktop mail application to webmail because it checks for new
messages automatically, supports keyboard shortcuts, and handles
attachments more easily.

Open Entourage and go to Tools --> Accounts.

Select your Catlin Gabel account and click Edit.

On the Account Settings tab, change Exchange Server to: "This DAV Service ..." checkbox will automatically turn on. This is good.

On the Advanced tab, change Public Folders Server to:

Confirm that LDAP server is set to cgsdc01 (address book lookups only work from campus).

Click OK and close the Accounts window to save your changes. It may take a few minutes for your mail to reload from the server.

You can also increase how often Entourage checks for new mail under
Tools -> Schedules -> Send & Receive All -> Edit.