Reduce Mailbox Size

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Catlin Gabel provides up to 1 GB of mail storage. To reduce the size of your mailbox, you can delete or archive messages that you no longer need to access on the mail server.

Delete Large Messages

Usually, a few large messages are responsible for a full mailbox. You can find and delete the largest messages to quickly reduce your mailbox size. This works in Outlook for Mac, Outlook for Windows, and Outlook Web Access (webmail).

Sort each folder by size, to make the largest messages easy to find. Select Arranged by Size and then Largest on Top.

Delete the largest messages. Remember to empty the Deleted Items folder to fully remove these items from your mailbox.

Check Folder Size

Outlook can show you the total space used by your mailbox, so you can check how close you are to the 800MB limit. Right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac) on your mailbox account in the folder list and then select Folder Properties. Outlook Web Access does not have this feature.

Select the Storage tab. Size is measured in kb, so the mail limit is 800,000 kb.

Archive Your Mail

You can archive old messages instead of deleting them, but it takes a litte additional work. You can manually archive mail in Outlook for Mac and automatically archive mail in Outlook for Windows. You cannot archive mail in Outlook Web Access.

Outlook for Mac

The On My Computer folders are stored in the Microsoft User Data folder in your computer's Documents folder. This removes the messages from the mail server but puts them in a place on your computer where Outlook can still access them.

Confirm that your folder is sorted by date. Select the oldest message you want to archive.

Shift click on the newest message you want to archive, so that you select all of the messages in the desired date range.

Right click (control click) on the selected messages and then select Move. If you have done this before, select the desired destination folder.

If this is the first time, then select Choose Folder. Be sure to select a folder that is on your computer. Folders marked "Catlin Gabel" are on the mail server. Folders marked "On My Computer" are not on the mail server.

Archive Mail (Outlook for Windows)

You can create a local archive file and then use the Mac technique above.

IT staff can set up AutoArchive for Outlook for Windows. Just stop by the IT office or schedule an appointment.