Podcasts In Schools

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Podcasts have caught the popular imagination, because they have so many different uses and take advantage of portable audio players that every kid seems to have. How do teachers and students use podcasts in schools?

1. Listen to free podcasts. Subjects run the gamut, including lectures, commentary, music, readings, and language learning. Browse or search OpenCulture or the iTunes store to get started. Improve your own content knowledge or assign listening assignments for homework.

2. Record student presentations. If you currently ask students to present work orally or through musical performance, publishing this work online is a great way to expand its audience. Borrow or purchase a small audio recorder and capture presentations you already include in your courses. Depending on where you choose to publish the work, you can make it available to other students, parents, or the whole world. Both Moodle and the Catlin Gabel website support publishing audio files in forum and blog posts. Example: Sixth Grade Poetry Box

3. Record school events such as guest speakers, assembly announcements, or parent evenings. This can make these special events available to dozens of parents and other community members who were not able to attend the actual event in person. We are capable of recording amplified audio in Cabell or using a portable audio recorder elsewhere.

Let us know if you have any other questions about creating podcasts!