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Openwireless is Catlin Gabel's public wireless network.


The "openwireless" network is designed to provide internet access to parents, visitors, and friends of the school. Students and employees should use wireless network named "catlingabel."

Openwireless is not on our local area network. It provides access only to the internet. If you connect to openwireless, you will not be able to print, access the file server, or run Microsoft Outlook. Openwireless will behave much as your internet connection from home. You will be able to access the Catlin Gabel web sites, including insideCatlin, through openwireless.

Openwireless is an unprotected, unsecure network. It requires no password, nor does it encrypt traffic. This means that one should not use openwireless to transmit sensitive information, unless you are connecting via a secure (https://) web site.

Full network users (students and employees) will normally not find it necessary or desirable to connect to openwireless. Parents and school guests will find it useful. However, if you cannot connect to cgs and can live with internet access only, then you may find it useful to have a second option. How can you find out what network you have attached to? On a Mac, check the Airport icon in the menubar. On a ThinkPad, open IBM Access Connections in the task bar.