Managing your network file storage quota

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What are the storage limits?

The per user disk storage limit is 10 GB. You will start to receive warnings when you reach 80% of your limit.


How can I find out how much of my allotted disk space is left?


For PC users, open My Computer, and the Free Space Column tells you how much disk space you have left on the drive.

For Mac users, open your server folder, and the text at the bottom of the window tells you how much of your limit remains.

How can I find out what is taking up all that space?

Windows PC

Go to your Start Menu and Select Search and then All Files and Folders.
start menu

Then click More Advanced Options
advanced options

Then click the down arrow under Look in: and select your (H:) drive.

Under "What size is it?" click on the radio button Large (more than 1 MB)and under Type of File select (All Files and Folders). Click Search.

After clicking search you'll see a list of all your files over 1 MB in size. Click on the word Size at the top of the column to sort all the files by size. Clicking the top of the column twice sorts the size from largest at the top to smallest at the bottom. This will assist you in determining which are your largest files and in what folders they are stored.


Open your Backup folder -> Options menu -> Show View Options.

show view options

Check Calculate all sizes.

calculate all sizes

After some time, size values will appear.

folder sizes
In any folder, click the size column header to show the largest files at the top.

sort by size

Looks like my backup is taking up my a big chunk of my disk limit. How can I make sure my backup is properly configured?

Please email to set up for us to review your automatic backup configuration.
How to back up your files