Introduction to Moodle

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Moodle provides teachers with tools to organize course resources and continue student discussion outside of class time. If you haven't yet been to an introductory Moodle training, know that we are always happy to provide an individual or small-group training session! In many cases, this may be more useful to you than a large-group training.

You can get started with Moodle with just a few core skills. Some users happily use Moodle for years this way. Moodle is extremely powerful, yet there is little that you must use. Here are the basics.

1. Choose a course format that best suits your course web site needs (in Administration -> Settings -> Format).

Weekly format: web site organized around weeks
Topic format: web site organized around topics
Social format: web site organized around online discussion

To create a simpler page layout, delete unneeded blocks from the left and right-hand columns.


2. Moodle provides the tools where you need them.


To enter editing mode,  Turn editing on

Each learning object comes with a set of buttons. editing buttons

indent Indent
move Move
edit Edit
delete Delete
hide Hide/show (whether students can see this activity)
groups Groups (student groups complete this activity separately)

To add a resource or activity, use the drop-down menus.
add resource or activity

The  help buttons provide help where and when you need it.


3. The most popular resources and activities are:


link Link to a web site
pdf word Link to a file
web page Web page (you can write new content or paste web text in here)
forum Forum (great for extending class discussions outside of class time)
assignment Assignment (automatically appears in the student's calendar)
wiki Wiki (for collaborative writing, notetaking, and review sheets)
gallery Photo gallery (for teacher and/or student image files)


That's what we cover in our introductory Moodle training session! The bulk of the time is spent developing course web sites and trying out these tools. Let us know how we can support your course web site development. Ask Richard to create a new Moodle site for your course or classroom!