Forward Your Mail

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Graduating seniors often wish to forward their mail to another email account. Catlin Gabel retains student email accounts for one year after graduation.

Note: Employees should not use this feature, so that internal communication remains on Catlin Gabel servers.

Note: You may prefer to access your Catlin Gabel mail through a mobile device instead of forwarding.

Note: These steps only work with Internet Explorer browser for Windows. You cannot do this from a Mac. Please use any PC to follow these steps.

Are you sitting down at a Windows computer? Okay, open Internet Explorer and then go to the Catlin Gabel website and access Webmail.

1. Create a new contact for your personal email account.

2. Create a new Rule for all incoming messages.

3. Configure the rule to redirect all messages to the contact for your personal account.

4. Send yourself a test message to verify that the rule works!