Fix an unusually dark projector image

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We have noted the following problem with Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and certain data projectors on campus (Gerlinger, US Science "Curie"). The image appears ununsually dark, as pictured below.

Normal Image Dark Image

Mac OS 10.6.3 and above uses a new method to determine the gamma level of the display, one aspect of color calibration that determines the "black point" of an image. This problem appears in the more complicated projector setups we have on campus, where many connections exist between the computer and projector. To fix the problem, manually select a color profile that looks better for your projector.

Open System Preferences -> Displays

Select Arrangement and then uncheck Mirror Displays so that the Displays window looks different on the projection screen from your laptop computer.

On the projector Displays window, select the Color tab. Uncheck Show profiles for this display only.

Select one different profile in the list at a time until the image looks more normal.

Return to Arrangement and check Mirror displays as before.

If this color profile does not load automatically in the future, then ask IT for help to create a custom profile for you.