Mobile Devices and Catlin Gabel Email

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The Catlin Gabel email system supports IMAP and ActiveSync, two popular protocols for connecting mobile devices to email systems. We will not be able to set up your personal device for you, as we need to devote all of our time to maintaining and supporting Catlin Gabel-owned systems!

Here are some other helpful details when setting up your device:

Confirm that you are connected to the Internet by opening a web page.

Server name is (check SSL or TLS if available)
User name is your network login name (e.g., doej)
Password is your email password
Email address is your email address (e.g.,
SMTP server is (check TLS and Server Uses Authentication)

iPhone users may find this video and these screen shots helpful.
Blackberry users may read this document.

Some iPhones display a "verification failed" error message. Proceed and continue the setup process after you see this message.

Catlin Gabel employees only

Many people have asked whether they may connect their iPhone/Blackberry/Palm/Windows Mobile device to the Catlin Gabel email system. Now you can, but under certain conditions. We ask that you come to IT to review and acknowledge a series of statements that demonstrate your understanding of the risks of accessing Catlin Gabel email on your personal device (e.g., you know how to remotely erase your device if lost or stolen). We will then enable mobile device support on your Catlin Gabel account and direct you to instructions for how to set up your device.

To get started, download the Mobile Device Guidelines checklist, read and complete it, and bring it to the IT office. We will then enable mobile device access to your account within two days.