Add a New Printer (Mac)

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IT has developed an easy way for you to add a printer. This will be especially helpful to those of you needing to add the new science printer.


First you'll need to download the printer installer which is located here:

This should download to either your downloads folder or your desktop.

Double click on the downloaded icon that is called Add Printer 2.8 (these pictures show 2.0, but it's now 2.8)

and then double-click on the Add Printer 2.8 icon

When you see this warning message, click the Open button.


You can add printers by either an entire division (Lower School, Middle School or Upper School, Gym or All) or by a single specific printer such as Dant Main or US Science Main.

click on the Printer button and then select the specific printer(s) you wish to install. If you want to install more than one printer, hold down the Command key and click on the printers you want to install.Then click OK.


OR, after clicking the Division, make your selection and click OK.


You will then need to enter your Catlin Gabel email username (not just your regular name) and password.Click OK.


If all has gone well, you should be rewarded with this screen