Add Audio to a Microsoft Word Document

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Instructions for how to embed an audio file in a Microsoft Word document so that a recipient may listen to it.

Add an audio note to a Microsoft Word 2004 for Macintosh document.

1. Switch to the Notebook layout view.

Either select View menu --> Notebook layout ...

... or click the fourth icon in the lower right-hand corner of the document window.

2. The view changes, and the audio toolbar appears.

Click on the line in your document where you want to record text.

Press the record button to start recording.

Press the stop button to stop recording.

Press the play button to hear what you have just recorded.

Troubleshooting: If you hear no audio, confirm that your computer is set to use the microphone for audio input at System Preference ? Sound ? Input ? Internal microphone. Also check that the Input Volume slider is positioned high enough to capture audio from the built-in microphone.

3. Confirm that the audio comment is now attached to the line of text you selected.

The audio icon remains invisible until you roll the mouse over that line. Then the audio icon appears, and you can click it to play the audio file.

Add an audio note to a Microsoft Word 2003 for Windows document

(N.B. You can also do this with Microsoft OneNote if you have it.)

1. Select Insert menu ? Object.

2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list and select Wave Sound.

3. The Sound Object window appears.

Click to start recording.

Click to stop recording.

Click to play back what you have just recorded.

4. Close the Sound Object window.

You should now see the icon in your document. Double-click it to play the audio clip.

While the clip is playing, the icon changes to