Our Teaching Philosophy

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How we believe students learn best

Middle School years can be a tumultuous time for adolescents. Our core purpose is to partner with students and their families to provide a well-rounded program where every student meets challenges and gains successes. In our learning environment, we highlight individual strengths so that students feel competent. We strive to graduate independent, self-reliant learners who confidently advocate for themselves. We encourage students to form authentic relationships with a wide variety of peers and adults, and complete middle school with the necessary skills to become global leaders and change-makers. We believe these goals are best accomplished through a learn-by-doing approach, both in and outside the classroom.

We believe students learn best when…

They are motivated and making connections to the real world.

A motivated learner is a successful learner. Our classes are relevant and student-centered. Teachers structure lessons so students have control of their learning. Labs are places where students are self-directed and their own mistakes with teacher support. Activities and assignments are challenging within a framework designed for student success. Many middle school students are inspired to learn when social interaction is encouraged.

Classes are student-centered and when each child is the unit of consideration.

We give individual students as much attention in the classroom as feasible, with as much independence as appropriate. Students can choose how they approach assignments, with the flexibility to work from their strengths while continuing to develop. We meet each child where he or she is, and emphasize individual growth. Teachers work hard to view children as individuals. The Learning Center effectively informs teachers about individual student’s needs and learning styles. Teachers frequently differentiate curriculum to accommodate students with learning styles outside the school’s average. Our program evolves as research provides us with greater understanding about brain development.

They focus on learning and applying skills, instead of merely reproducing content.

While the scope and sequence of all subject areas and classes guide content, we believe skill development is vitally important to middle school students. These skills range from organization and note taking, to public speaking, time management, interpersonal relationship building, and emotional intelligence. We know this mastery will serve children through their middle school years and throughout their lives.