Teaching and Collaboration

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Learning specialists provide ongoing teaching. The Lower School learning specialists provide small group instruction as needed, as well as an after-school homework club. The Middle and Upper School learning specialist teaches study skills in classes and after school.

In collaborative discussions with parents, teachers, and students, learning specialists make recommendations to support the learner in school and at home. Recommendations include strategies for teachers and parents, and techniques for the student to use independently. These conversations also help determine the advisability of further evaluation from an outside resource.

The learning specialists stay in touch with students, parents, advisors, and teachers to help monitor and address student learning needs. They attend parent-teacher conferences, initiate informal check-ins, meet with counselors and division heads, work with students outside the classroom, help set up future programs, and guide future educational decisions.

Learning specialists work with classroom teachers and families to coordinate extra help. The learning specialists and counselors meet quarterly in all divisions as members of a student support team that discusses common issues and presents parent information programs. A schedule of some of this year’s parent offerings is included on this site.