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Spencer's first and last homestay blog

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Sorry, I would have written this blog post sooner, but I'm lazy and put it off until the last day.

Anyways, my homestay experience in Gifu has been absolutely amazing. I'm so thankful that I had this experience available, because it's an irreplaceable opportunity and I honestly can't put into words how happy I am that I was able to do this. I'm in love with my host family, and quite frankly I'm not sure I want to go back to America... The food's been amazing, what with the cute little lunchboxes that I get each evening plus the great restaurants we've gone out to. I've been karaoking (?) twice already, and I've also been to a public bath house with my host brother and father, which was a little awkward but was sooooooooo nice after we started to soak in the sauna and etc. We've gone out and eaten dinner in a boat on the river while fisherman fish, and currently I'm holding up a picture opportunity because I'm writing this blog post. Oops.

My host family is sooooooo nice. Rina, my host student, is super quiet, but she's really nice and somewhat mysterious. Also, kawaii. My host brother is basically everything I'd ever want in a brother ever. I'm thinking about inviting him to join our family. Maybe trade for my sister, who knows. He loves manga and anime, his favorite video game is Metal Gear Solid, and he thinks I'm funny. I don't know the emote for hearts on a japanese keyboard, so I'm afraid I'll have to spare you. My mother and father are both really nice, and they even went out and bought me these really cool figures and models to bring back to the states. My grandmother is also really cool, and while I haven't talked to her a ton, I've learned that she's a very good dancer. Better than me even. Go figure.

The festivals were probably the pinnacle of the Gifu Kita experience. Our class (2-3) made their classroom into a giant haunted house, and I got to be a prop in it, which was a blast. Until Tyler and Jamie went through and started hitting me. :( No, but actually it was pretty fun. It was just flat out amazing how so many plain ordinary classrooms could be turned into completely different things, and how students spent so much time preparing for a single festival.

The PE festival was after the culture festival, and that was awesome. We played this game where three people hold another person up on their shoulders, and all the people on top get hats, and they have to try and knock the other people's hats off. Being the tallest, lightest boy in the group, I was on top. And it was really fun. Also, there was this really dangerous pole game, but I'm sure other people have explained it, and I kinda have to go downstairs to take some pictures.

It was a really fun 10 or so days, and I'm hopin that my host student and I can remain in contact for a very long time. Hopefully forever. I'm so thankful to them, and I extended a welcome for them to stay at our house, so sorry Dad, but it's happening.



Ya cant figure out how to comment on blog so i am just replying

When we first into Gifu Kitu High school we were greeted with open arms as 20 rows of 50 cheered us on. As the days passed the students and teachers continued to treat us with the same kindness and enjoyment as they had on the first days. Even though I spoke no Japanese Gifu Kita students continuously went out of their way to try and have a conversation with me or just make sure I was having a good time.
The culture festival was a ton of fun and provided a lot of insight into Japanese culture and teen life. It was fun being able to watch friends interact and the things that the kids chose to do. The only thing that could outdo the culture was sports day, which was one of the most fun things I have ever done. Racing, tugging, and climbing with the other Japanese boys was exciting and thrilling. It offered us all the chance to really immerse ourselves into the traditions and grow closer to our friends and fellow classmates at Gifu Kita High school. Overall, The love that I felt while at Gifu Kita high school was unbound and I am honored to have been able to spend two weeks at such an outstanding place.
My host family was incredible to say the least. They constantly treated me with care and respect however they also welcomed me into their family, going about their daily routines making my immersion trip even more successful. My host brother, Tatsuhiko, was wonderful. When I first met him it was clear that he was the class clown and an incredibly funny kid, and after staying with his family it is clear that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. My stay with them has been incredible and I am brought to tears at the fact that I will have to leave them. I have loved every second of Gifu and will forever treasure the wonderful memories of my many adventures and new friends and family.
The things that I did outside and after school were just as if not more notable than everything else, especially karaoke. Singing to Avril Lavign with my host brother and his friends was more than fun. I enjoyed it so much that I had to go back, three more times, and each time I met more people and had even more fun.
My stay in Gifu has been unlike anything I have ever experienced before and I owe an infinite thanks to Gifu Kita High school and my host family.