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Nepal Day 2(3) - Flying

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It's day 2 of the Nepal trip, though technically it is Monday here, so it's kind of day 3.

We are currently in the Korean Airport waiting for our flight to Katmandu. Last night we stayed at the Airport Hotel, which was very nice and had a very nice breakfast. We all went to sleep pretty early local time, but I had been awake for over 20 hours, so...

On the flight yesterday, I watched 4 movies. A lot, I know, but hey, the flight didn't seem too long that way. Ready for another long flight to Nepal today.



Happy Birthday Elliette

I almost forgot...woke up and it is your birthday here at home, but where you are it is almost over. Happy happy birthday!! Yes, you too are getting older.

love you bunches,

Dad and Mom

HB Ellie!

Hope Nepal is filling your day with lots of dal bhat and that maybe some ice cream found its way to you today!

Day 2(3)


hope you are having an absolutely grand old time...hey just so you are not too homesick, I will edit your blog hehehe Kathmandu not Katmandu



PS yikes, didn't realize this would be broadcast to all...thought it would only go to your individual blog

In Seoul

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We've made it... after an incredible day of travel - nearly 21 hours to be precise since meeting at PDX on Saturday morning. It is now Sunday evening. We are tired... the kids are loaded up with sugar (courtesy of Cody and Kenny!) and we're on our way to our fifth official meal of the day.

Up at 6 tomorrow and seven more hours to Kathmandu.



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In Uruguay the horse is very common. Do to the ranch style life they live they ride horses every day. Most of Uruguay is plains and hills and only the coast is heavily populated. Uruguayans out in the country sometime use horses for transportation. Almost every person living Uruguay owns at least one horse. Often people will tie them up on the side of the road and have them graze there. Often when you drive down a dirt road you see a brown fence with some horses tied up to the fence posts. Horses are very important in Uruguay, in fact many people live cowboy still, like people would have lived in the west in the early 1900’s. They do a lot of herding with horses in Uruguay.

Afternoon Siesta

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In Uruguay it is very common for people to take a two hour nap around 3-5. They do that because Uruguayans stay up till 3 in the morning partying. The concept of an afternoon siesta is common some South American countries and a little in Europe. Uruguayans tend to have lunch at 2 to 4 and then after their two hour long siesta tea at 7 to 8. The Uruguayan culture is very different than ours and that changes their schedule a lot because they party all of the time. All the stores are closed from 1 to 4 so the owners can have lunch and nap.

Test before Uruguay

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 This is a test to see how blogs work.