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First Day at Think Out Loud

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During my first day at OPB's Think Out Loud I began by attending the daily staff meeting where we discussed the pieces that would be part of the show today and checked in on the progress people where making on pieces for the coming week. After the meeting my mentor got be set up with one of her co workers, another producer of TOL to help her start research for a piece with Paulann Petersen, the current Oregon Poet Laureate and incoming Laureate Peter Sears. I am assisting Allison Frost with producing this piece as well and will likely conduct pre-interviews with both poets. I then helped one of the college interns in the department by escorting guests to the green room. The two guests that came today are two candidates running in a Washington County Commission race. I watched the listened to the show from the producers booth where the phones are answered, the sound technician works, social media is updated during the show and the producer communicates with the host. In the future I will be helping answer phones and update media during shows. Following the candidates interview was a phone interview with a professor from University of Oregon who was consulted about the white house initiative  to reduce sexual assault on college campuses. 
The two pieces from today can be found online at OPB Think Out Loud 

Photo of the building attached