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Internship at OpenSesame

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 This summer I landed a job with OpenSesame, the world's largest eLearning marketplace. OpenSesame's goal is to bring sellers and buyers together at a universal marketplace. Previously, people with online training courses only sold through their own websites, so it made course management very difficult. Every company also has its own learning management system (LMS for short), and not every seller's course would work with the buying company's LMS. Training and recertification programs, as a result of this, have become a headache for human resources and general managers. 

OpenSesame created a system where sellers can upload their courses to the Marketplace, and when a buyer comes to buy the course, it is guaranteed to work with almost every learning management system. When I started in the beginning of the summer, we had about 11,000 courses, and we are currently at 16,500! My main role is to add courses (business development), but contacting online websites which sell eLearning courses (by email--no one cold calls anymore), and to perform "SEO." Search Engine Optimization is generally a hit-or-miss game, since the goal is to increase one's ranking on Google search results; however, Google does not release it's algorithm, so websites must constantly innovate to reach the top. 

In general, the internship has been great because I not only learned search engine optimization techniques, and client acquisition, but I also learned how to manage business calls. The first few times were intimidating--and still are when I get angry company owner--but learning to think on your feet is a large part of business interactions, I've learned. 

It also doesn't hurt that we get company lunch every Friday--Sweet Basil Thai food today! Or that the managers here are very approachable and want to make sure that you succeed outside the internship. For example, Kelly Meeker, the OpenSesame Community Manager, offered to look over every intern's resume and give them feedback. 

I'm leaving in a few weeks, but OpenSesame is looking to hire a new round of interns. Look here if you are interested, or email me! My Catlin email still works until next summer.