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Sattya Day 1

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 After enjoying another traditional daalbat lunch on the roof of our hotel in Patan, we walked for about fifteen minutes to Sattya. At Sattya we met Galen, one of its co-founders, and we also were introduced to some of our pen pals. If we were to take Galen and bring him back to Portland, he would look exactly like all of the other hipsters we see in P-town despite the fact that he is from San Francisco, CA. Interestingly enough, the Nepali kids from Sattya also looked quite similar. We toured the building and received friendly welcomes from both students and dogs. The building had four levels, including a nice rooftop where we would eat dinner the next day. Most of our time was spent in the screening room, which was just a nice little place with a projector, a screen on the wall, and several mats and cushions on the floor. After our tour was over, we broke into groups of about three Catlin students and one Sattya student and we discussed the issue of waste management in Kathmandu. We formulated interview questions, then spent an hour walking around Patan and filming interviews both in Nepali and some broken English.

When we were done filming, we transcribed the interviews, said farewell to our friends from Sattya, and ventured out to explore the Patan Durbar Square which was conveniently located right outside of our hotel. The square was full of people and saturated with shops. Many of the shops sold westernized clothing, and the tattoo parlors and nightclubs made the square feel much more young and vibrant than the squares in Bhaktapur and Kathmandu. After wandering around the square for a few hours, we ended our night with another delicious daalbat-ish dinner on the roof of our hotel, said goodnight and prepared ourselves for our second and last big day at Sattya. 

-Esichang & Kellie