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I spent this week doodling.

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During the beginning of this week I continued cleaning up after last week's dust shoot (the studio is still covered in pale red). Many paper towels were used. Much mopping went down. I came away with bloodsained hands. We ate lunch on the roof (sunny n hot) with several employees that work "upsairs" as photo retouchers. Then we went back into the studio and did a swap for a couple basketball jerseys (to be photoshopped onto some bball dude who plays for the LA Clippers) with an upstairs retoucher named Dylan who also acts as talent* for photo swaps. Dylan was a funny guy.

Tuesday and Wednesday I couldn't come in because some **top secret** shoots were going down. I hung out in the sun.

Yesterday (Thursday) we spent the day shooting three jackets for Nike. The small(ish) studio was packed with nine people: the standard crew (Sheldon Ryan Rebecca Holly and I), a makeup/hair artist, a clothing stylist, and a man of talent (I mean a model). Sheldon and Ryan shot front, back, side, twisted, hooded, and detail shots. (Detail = zippers, fabric, design elements.) We had another day of lunch on the roof in the sun.

Today we started with a running shirt swap. I got somewhat bored so I started doing some research for Sheldon: he wanted me to pull creative running photography to provide inspiration for a future creative shoot. Apparently they (Sheldon, Ryan, Holly) want to compile a kind of creative portfolio for the studio in hopes of attracting more creative jobs, such as the dust shoot (as opposed to swap shoots). At noon we started a second apparel swap, this time for Nike padded underwear of some sort. I think it's for football. 

I'm pretty sure every shoot we've done so far has been for Nike or Air Jordan. 

Throughout the two weeks, Ryan has been educating me on matters of music and climbing, as well as providing general entertainment.

Sorry there aren't any pictures I can share this week. 

* For some reason they call models "talent" round here



Elise - sounds like the first week was a bit more exciting than the last! I wonder if you and Chris Park should compare notes as he is over at Nike. But alas he's in legal and so probably does not intersect much with the creatives in charge of photo shoots. Also, I'm surprised you haven't come across the term "talent" in your life travels. I wonder if they will kick me out if when I visit I try to sneak around to look at the "talent." Sounds like you're learning quite a bit. Do you think you'll be able to get behind the camera?

Hola yourself!

I did take a couple shots of a talent's neck, when we were shooting for "neck assets" to photoshop onto a preexisting image. Hopefully I'll shoot again in the future!

Lighting with Lindsey: First time with a real model!

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Yesterday (Thursday) I arrived back at Chris' apartment building in the pearl. He came down to let me in and then we went into his apartment, where his pleasant girlfriend Lindsey was cleaning the dishes. I was surprised to realize that I was comfortable with how to set up the backdrop and lighting with Chris in his apartment. I remembered how to set up the lighting with the umbrellas and everything! After setting everything up, Chris went through about 20 of my own photos I had printed out on normal paper for him. He went through with a huge sharpie and marked the lines that were present in the photograph, and was not soft when it came to criticism. Honestly I really liked how constructive he was with each photo, telling me straight up if it was an interesting composition or no. He even put checks by his favorite ones! I was really excited to have someone actually go through my favorite photos of mine and show me what they saw as a professional. It was really cool. We then went through some of my favorite photos by others (I learned quickly that he really doesn't like the Ballerina Project, which I had included two photos by them...woops). He told me about the Fibonacci Spiral (which is technically a mathematical term...who knew that so much physics and math would be included in photography. Great!). He also suggested I look up the photographer Dave Black as well as the website I have yet to do this becuase I've been editing photos of Lindsey from yesterday! Isn't she drop dead gorgeous?

Of course I was taking notes, and to give a little peek here's what one of my pages says:

(Single) Lighting Setups-w/key light-

Straight on with light @ eye level

  Catch lights in pupils, gives high fashion look

To the side

   Creates shadows and contrasts

Straight on=boring

Hair light= from behind (ish) lighting hair


Hope you like the photos! These are just the few I wanted to edit and then a few unedited ones. Chris let me take home a ton of his lighting equipment to play with! So this morning I took photos of Raina and my mom before they zoomed off to school. I'll post them in my next blogpost. Oh and Chris sent me two photos of me working with him and Lindsey!

This internship has turned into me getting free lessons from Chris...which is just plain awesome!


I love your pictures, Anaka!

I love your pictures, Anaka! Hope you're having fun. Miss you lots.
PS: "...which is technically a mathematical term...who knew that so much physics and math would be included in photography. Great!" I <3 MATH It needs to be used more often/all the time


You're so cute for reading and commenting on mah blog. I shall do the same for you buddy.
MATH NEEDS TO BE USED IN EVERY WAY SHAPE AND FORM 24/7! Since we are pros at it and would show up errbody