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Guesthouse Dinner

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 We have had many dinners so far, ranging from traditional to italian. Tonight, we had a home cooked meal. Veronica, Etienne and I cooked pasta with red sauce and garlic bread. We had no idea where anything in the kitchen was, so that was difficult, but fun none the less. We had bought canned vegetables, but the cook here at the guesthouse never used cans so he didn't have a can opener. Veronica had to use her utility knife in a long series of attempts, it was all quite enjoyable. What we used to stir the pasta was a wooden apparatus that was like a whisk but not really and it was very interesting. The meal was very fun and very good for being cooked on the spot in Nepal. Tomorrow, we are going to cook one of teh traditional meals and eat in again. It's going to be fun!

Experience in Nepal

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 The highlight of this trip for me was our time spent at the orphanage and Boudhanath. I was a little hesitant going into our orphanage visit at first but within a few minutes the children had included me in their game of basketball. Although they had a fairly deflated ball and a shoddy court they played hard and my team only won by a few points. Later on I played badminton and jump rope with the kids and I ended up losing a game of chess. I was relieved to hear that we would be returning Monday morning to spend even more time with the kids. I was amazed when I finally saw Boudhanath and it's sheer immensity. It's a huge structure that towers above the apartment buildings and shops of Kathmandu and it's piercing eyes can be seen throughout the city. Overall, this trip has been amazing and I'm sad that my experience in Nepal is coming to an end.However, I'm happy to return to my family and share my wonderful experience.  



I'm so glad you were able to incorporate this kind of work into your time in Nepal. We didn't have that on our trip and I think it's such an important way to get 'under the skin' of a place. Namasté

Birthday Party!

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So the 18th was my birthday, and the staff at the guesthouse was very nice and baked me a beautiful cake. It was very good and they sang happy birthday and had candles and everything. Made the day really special.

Nepal Day 2(3) - Flying

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It's day 2 of the Nepal trip, though technically it is Monday here, so it's kind of day 3.

We are currently in the Korean Airport waiting for our flight to Katmandu. Last night we stayed at the Airport Hotel, which was very nice and had a very nice breakfast. We all went to sleep pretty early local time, but I had been awake for over 20 hours, so...

On the flight yesterday, I watched 4 movies. A lot, I know, but hey, the flight didn't seem too long that way. Ready for another long flight to Nepal today.



Happy Birthday Elliette

I almost forgot...woke up and it is your birthday here at home, but where you are it is almost over. Happy happy birthday!! Yes, you too are getting older.

love you bunches,

Dad and Mom

HB Ellie!

Hope Nepal is filling your day with lots of dal bhat and that maybe some ice cream found its way to you today!

Day 2(3)


hope you are having an absolutely grand old time...hey just so you are not too homesick, I will edit your blog hehehe Kathmandu not Katmandu



PS yikes, didn't realize this would be broadcast to all...thought it would only go to your individual blog

Preparing to Leave: Soon to see Yetis

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 Packing for Nepal

This is day one of packing/preparation for the trip. We leave in 5 Days! Packing is coming along, but I'm not quite finished yet. I have to finish all of the work that is due when we get back. I am very excited to go!

Ryan Selden

Preparing for Nepal

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We leave in 5 days for Nepal!!!! I am packing for the trip and we are getting very excited for this super cool trip. 

Preparation for Nepal

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 I have almost all of what I need for my trip to Nepal, but I have yet to even think about packing. Still not quite accepting the fact that we're gonna be in Nepal in less than a week. Ian seems anxious to begin searching for the Yeti, which should be entertaining.

Filmmaking in Patan

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 In the haven of Sattya Media Arts Collective on a hazy Saturday near the end of our stay. Our gang and young Nepalis shot footage yesterday around the busy Patan district of Kathmandu Valley. Now they are putting it all together, mixing sound and image, and adding titles. The theme of the interconnected pieces done by five small groups is waste management, a huge issue in this once pristine valley of many millions.

Nepal's infrastructure is limited and being in the 'most poor' country category, the rapid growth of the capital city and environs in recent decades has put unprecedented pessure on just about everything and everybody. Roads are being expanded, trash is routinely dumped in rivers, large brick or cement housing structures are built in the middle of former rice paddies and vegetable patches. With even a 200% duty on any car or motorcycle purchase, the inadequate roads are choked with vehicles. For our students. there is plenty to think about and discuss with our Nepali hosts.

It's our last weekend in country and students are in fine spirits. We've toured extensively in Kathmandu valley, home to seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We've trekked for 5-days in the Langtang region north of Kathmandu and reached a viewpoint at 12,600 feet. The view in the late morning light was spectacular and our breathing returned to nrmal on the long walk down. The final ascent was 2,300 feet and when we left the Taruche overlook, we descended about 5000 feet to our overnight stay at the Potala Guesthoiuse in Thuman. The challenge to our bodies has led to a bit of coughs and colds, but generally all are happy and well in the flow of the filmmaking projet underway.

Tonight, we will sleep at Valley Guesthouse near the great Buddhist stupa of Boudhanath. It's an ancient pilgrimahe site and the neighborhood is now home to many Tibetans whose family's escaped Chines oppression since the takeover of their country in 1959. Sunday will be our day to prepare for the long way home. It's traditional to walk around the stupa, spin the prayer wheels and meditate on life. It will be a calm day, and much needed in this most hectic of valleys.



Home safe from the Himalayas!

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 We're back, bedraggled and bonded.  More to come from the students.  Stay tuned!


Day in Bhaktapur

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Today we went on a hike to a temple. It was a bit surprising considering most of us did not know we were hiking. Liv slipped into the water at the farmlands, where we had to walk on high up narrow paths. We saw army guys in training while we were hiking. Cody and Kenny raced each other to the top. Needless to say, Kenny tired out and lost. We got to the top and looked around one of the oldest temples in Nepal. There were amazing carvings throughout the temple, and many shrines to Hindu gods. Afterwards, we shopped from the many vendors on the way back from the temple, and then had lunch. We rode a bus back to Bhaktapur. After resting for a little bit, we went to Durbar Square and Potter Square. We got to see how pots were made, from their forming to their firing. Durbar Square was was really amazing. It is the palace square, which is what Durbar means: "Palace." The buildings were very intricately detailed. There was a golden gate, with the statues of gods that prevented evil spirits from entering one of the many courtyards in the palace. This courtyard led to a temple within the palace, reserved only for Hindus. Unfortunately, we couldn't really pass as Hindus so we went to the royal bath, a very large stone bath with many levels, with a giant cobra rising from the center of the water.

Day 3 photos

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In Seoul

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We've made it... after an incredible day of travel - nearly 21 hours to be precise since meeting at PDX on Saturday morning. It is now Sunday evening. We are tired... the kids are loaded up with sugar (courtesy of Cody and Kenny!) and we're on our way to our fifth official meal of the day.

Up at 6 tomorrow and seven more hours to Kathmandu.


Back in Kathmandu!

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We're back in Kathmandu after two exciting days in Bhaktapur visiting historical sites. The temples were large, old, and quite beautiful. The people were almost always friendly and smiled when we gave them the polite Nepali greeting of a bow and the words "Namaste." Shopping in and around the public squares was an adventure, and we all worked on our bartering skills. Some of the vendors were more aggressive than others, including a certain silver-encrusted turtleshell salesman who followed Dylan and me for over 30 minutes. We finally escaped him by running up some temple stairs and jumping down the other side. Unfortunately, he found us a few minutes later. :) Persistant, eh? The group returned to the Hotel Tibet in Kathmandu this afternoon and everyone has been relaxing. We select roomates by drawing cards and by some freaky glitch, all the girls drew the same partners as last night!! Pretty soon we'll be briefed about the trek, which starts tomorrow, and then we'll go grab some last minute supplies, have dinner, pack, and go to bed. What a trip so far!


Comments by Margaret Fossand and Dylan Shields