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Preparing for Nepal

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We leave in 5 days for Nepal!!!! I am packing for the trip and we are getting very excited for this super cool trip. 

Pre-Flight Blog, Nepal 2014

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 I spent much of the weekend organizing and packing. My personal excitement is high as thoughts of being in Nepal surfaced. Traveling with students and enjoying the wonder of Kathmandu Valley and its many sites is most joyful. Bringing out my travel bags, outdoor gear, and airplane comfort items triggers good thoughts and feelings. I recall walking through medieval squares, smelling fresh roti, drinking sweet chai, and hearing the chants of religious devotion all swirl through. Saturday just 5 days away now....early meeting at PDX and we'll be off.

In Seoul

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We've made it... after an incredible day of travel - nearly 21 hours to be precise since meeting at PDX on Saturday morning. It is now Sunday evening. We are tired... the kids are loaded up with sugar (courtesy of Cody and Kenny!) and we're on our way to our fifth official meal of the day.

Up at 6 tomorrow and seven more hours to Kathmandu.