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Walking DC

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Flew cross country yesterday.  Was grateful to the passenger in front who decided to leave his seat upright.  After waiting for two hours at Dulles for the Singapore/South Africa teachers to clear customs (these are teachers, folks!), we chatted the entire ride into DC.  Driver only slammed on his breaks once.  Welcome to America!  Got settlled in hotel, joined other Fulbrighters for dinner.  One of the Singapore teachers, a HS history gentleman asked if he could accompany me on a walk.  We strolled up Pennsylvania Avenue past the IMF and World Bank to the White House.  Washington really has to be seen by day and night.  The monuments are lit beautifully.  Turned South at the Treasury building, headed around to the back of the White House, saw the Capitol, Jefferson, and Washington Monument.  Meandered our way back to the hotel.  Took about an hour.  Am now well rested and ready to participate in orientation with an unbelievably talented group of teachers.