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March 19-21

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 March 19th 

Today we had a regular wake up time of 6 and a breakfast of 6:30. We ate fry bread for our breakfast and started on our easiest trek day yet. Today was only a 1/2-day of trekking. We were able to see an amazing view of the Lang Tang range. We ate lunch at the Great Wall, Nagthali Great Wall that is. Dinner was at the same place where we had lunch because we reached our destination by lunchtime. Before we reached Nagthali we were able to see many view points and we passed through a small village and we were pleasantly surprised when they spoke very clear English. Today was amazing because we were able to relax and hang out for 1/2 of the day.


March 20th

We reached the summit of 12,600 ft., which was our highest point. We came back to Nagthali ate lunch and then set off for our next destination. That night we stayed at Potala guesthouse in Thuman we relaxed and ate a delicious dinner of American food of mac n' cheese and fries. After that we drank hot chai and played cards for only a little while because we were so wiped from our high trek that day.


March 21st

We woke up at 6:30 rather that the usual 6 this morning, because it was only a 1/2 day. We ate eggs and pancakes with jam and honey. We took our pleasant time walking down hill to the bottom, where we started our trek. Nance got some altitude sickness and David stayed behind to help her come down later in the day. The walk was much easier that other days of the trek however it was hard on the knees to go down-hill for multiple hours. However we received a break because we found a small waterfall swimming area to dive into. We felt refreshed and tired after we reached the hotel and although we were happy to reach real toilets and showers we were sad to say goodbye to the mountains. 

Dana and Craig