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The end

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This week I spent most of my time putting together my presentation. I didn’t actually go to my project due to outside reasons; one being my back was in too much pain to work with horses. I did my final test with the horses and spent a lot of time on excel with my brother. He helped me set up my graph for my project and I started putting everything into a PowerPoint. My graphing system took at least 2 hours alone, and then to be able to format the graph exactly how I wanted it. I kept thinking about what the main things I got out of this experience was. I must admit that most were negative, unfortunately. Although I did learn how to be a mentor, and if I were to redo my senior project what I would change. I learned a lot about myself and how to work with someone that isn’t always easy to work with. When you first find a horse you want to buy or ride, everyone looks for certain things depending on what you want to use the horse for. When I first got Dusty, it was because I was just getting into riding after quite a few years and I wanted to have a slow horse and someone that I felt safe with. He was a lot older than I wanted though, but after the camp I was in, I fell in love and we stayed bonded for the past 6 years. He is now at an age, where I must begin to let me heart get ready to say goodbye to him. However, a girl who rides at my stables, Savannah, has four horses. One is used for dressage, another for rodeo, one more 4H, and one just as a project that she hopes to sell. With each horse, you condition them differently, just like an athlete. Exercise and diet play an important role and also the foundation in which they started at. For me, Dusty is also more of a therapy horse. I don’t like to admit this because it makes me sad thinking about it; but the reason I ride as long as I have is because the moment I stop riding, Dusty’s health will slowly go away, and it will just be even sooner when I have to say my goodbyes. On the more personal side I am also getting a tattoo for him pretty soon. The reasons I talk so personal in this blog is because for me this project was to spend more time with someone who taught me how to love myself and to show me what unconditional love is. It was a chance to make more memories with him and more pictures of his little smile and get a few more nuzzles before I start university. I also wanted to share the personal connection a horse can bring to someone, and how meaningful a friendship can be with an animal. Overall, even if I knew a lot about horses, this project has taught me a lot about myself and given me memories with Dusty that I will always remember.