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Tree Canopy

  • Trees reduce energy used for cooling. 
  • Trees reduce infrastructure needed to manage stormwater. 
  • Trees improve air quality.


  • The short term goal is to achieve 40% urban tree canopy as recommended by American Forest.
  • The long term goal is to achieve 47% urban tree canopy as recommended in the finding of the Urban Forest Canopy Cover in Portland Oregon 1972-2002 Final Report by Joseph Poracsky and Michael Lackner at the Portland State University Geography Department.


  • The objective is to plant 150 new trees every year.

Sustainability Indicators:

  • Poracsky and Lackner recommend 12% tree canopy cover for commercial areas.  Washington County considers schools to be commercial.  Catlin Gabel School exceeds the 12% recommendation.
  • Catlin Gabel School has achieved and is maintaining 40% tree canopy.