Student Progress

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Conferences & Written Reports

While we have official parent-teacher communication points through conferences and written reports, both parents and teachers should communicate with each other as needed at any point in the year. Parents should contact teachers directly with any concerns or questions. As a school without letter grades, clear and candid communication with families and students about student progress is essential.

By early October, C&C advisors will meet with all new families, including all 6th grade families, as an opportunity to get to know each other and answer initial Middle School related questions.

At November parent-teacher conferences, teachers will share student progress and parents will have a chance to ask questions of all teachers.

Written reports from math, English, science, language, history and PE classes will follow in early February, April, and at the end of the year in June. Arts reports are written four times over the year and are sent home quarterly to provide more immediate and meaningful feedback as the students rotate through our offerings most often.