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Welcome to 7th Grade Science!

 blue marble

A Year-long Investigation of Space, Earth, The Environment, & Human Responsibility

Teacher: Jesse Lowes

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During this year in science we will focus on the guiding question, "What is my place and my role in the universe?". We will be approaching this question from many angles and on various levels. To begin with, we will consider where our Earth fits into the grand celestial scheme of things as we explore the mind-boggling realm of space science. After experiencing the allure of space and the remarkable technological advancements which allow humans to push the new human fronteir to the surface of Mars and beyond, we will come back home again to appreciate our one and only planet Earth. We will  look closely at the curiosity and marvel of life here on our planet  and will investigate how the biodiversity of life and the resources of our planet are interconnected in the web of ecology. Additionally, we will be looking critically at the human effect on our planet and learning valuable environmental science concepts and field skills. Finally, we will delve into the mysteries of the Earth beneath our feet as we come to better understand what makes the Earth look the way it does and what makes it shift, shake, and sometimes EXPLODE. On that note, the year will wrap up with a four-day trip to the flanks of Mt. St. Helens to get an up-close look at a recent Northwest eruption. 

It will be quite a year!

It is great to have you aboard.



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