Focus on Science

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What’s Going on in the World, and How Can I Find Out?

Science teachers at Catlin Gabel teach the scientific methodobserve, hypothesize, investigateacross all age groups, in a way that works for each learner’s stage of development. We develop critical thinking with the skills of science. At the same time, students work towards a deep understanding of fundamental scientific principles. Our goal is to produce graduates who are scientifically literate and able to thoughtfully examine and actively engage the key issues of the day. At the same time, we motivate and challenge all students to make science a lifelong pursuit.

From our smallest learners to our seniors, the primary question is:
What’s going on out there in the world, and how can I find out?  

To answer that question, all science classes at Catlin Gabel explore the following essential areas: 


Attitudes, Behaviors, Habits of Mind

What is science?
How and why do you study it?
What is the value of science to me, to society, and to the planet? 


How do I find out about the work of other people, and how do I tell them about mine?

Inquiry & Experimentation

What makes a good, scientific question?

How do I answer it? 
How do I organize, decipher, and interpret my results?

Ideas, pictures, links, and news from Catlin Gabel science faculty, students, and alumni can be found on the Catlin Coverslip blog.


Learn about recent student investigations in Elements 2013 and Elements 2014, our student science research journals.