Catlin Gabel School Hosted Orff Schulwerk Workshop

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Press Release

Feb 10, 2003

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Contact: Langley Allbritton


Catlin Gabel School Hosted Orff Schulwerk Workshop

75 Music Instructors From Oregon And Washington Attend

Catlin Gabel, dedicated to excellence in education, hosted an Orff Schulwerk workshop on February 8th for 75 music instructors from Oregon and Washington. Led by James Harding, the workshop explored Orff Schulwerk’s approach to teaching and learning music, as well as best practices for developing effective music programs for children.

Current research indicates that children need a balance between emotional and intellectual stimulation to develop as healthy human beings. Orff-Schulwek provides this balance through total, active involvement in music making. Its uniqueness lies in the incorporation of the spoken

word with singing, movement and instrument playing as learning tools.

Orff-Schulwerk is designed for all children. There is a place for every child to contribute according to ability. Orff-Schulwerk happens in a non competitive atmosphere, where one of the best rewards is the pleasure of making good music with others. Nurturing children’s creativity

through improvisation is a thread that permeates all aspects of the Schulwerk. The program uses poems, rhymes, children’s literature, games, songs and dances as examples and basic materials. These can either be traditional or original and are accompanied by voice, movement and dance, body percussion, xylophones, metalophones, glockenspiels, recorders and unpitched instruments. The art of ensemble is essential.

About Composer Carl Orff (d.1982)

Composer Carl Orff and his associate Gunild Keetman evolved the basic texts for the Shulwerk as models for teachers worldwide. Now translated into eighteen languages, Orff Shulwerk is based on the traditional music and folklore of each country where it is used. At present, more than 10,000 teachers in the United States have found the Shulwerk the ideal way to present the magic of music to their students. Portland’s Orff-Schulwerk Association, which is the local chapter of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association, is also part of the international Orff-Schulwerk association for teachers of music and movement.

About Catlin Gabel’s Music Program

Catlin Gabel’s Music Program incorporates the Orff Schulwerk approach to teaching and learning beginning in pre-school. Students benefit from Catlin Gabel’s small class sizes and consistency in instruction as they move through the Lower School. Orff Schulwerk encourages students to be creative and use music as a method of self expression.

About Catlin Gabel

Catlin Gabel School is an independent, co-educational day school, dedicated to student I individuality, academic excellence, multiculturalism and life-long learning. The school’s dynamic pre-kindergarten through twelfth-grade curriculum combines academics with arts, physical education and a strong sense of community service. Catlin Gabel is independently governed by a Board of Trustees and is not supported by tax or church monies. For more information, please visit