Catlin Gabel School to Host First-Of-Its-Kind Education Symposium

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Press Release

Feb 12, 2003

For Immediate Release

Contact: Langley Allbritton


Catlin Gabel School to Host First-Of-Its-Kind Education Symposium

For Over 100 Teachers And Administrators From Four States

Catlin Gabel, dedicated to excellence in education, today announced that over 100 educators and administrators will attend the National Coalition For Independent School Renewal (NCISR) Cluster Conference on February 14. The private symposium is first-of-its-kind in Portland, and will bring nearly 125 teachers and administrators from Arizona, California, Washington, and Oregon to the Catlin Gabel campus for a day of professional development.

While most conferences follow an agenda set months in advance, the NCISR program will be determined just prior to the event. This format ensures that discussions will present the most pertinent and up-to-date information to attendees. It also gives the teachers the opportunity to guide their own professional development. Teachers trained to lead collegiate discussions replace the lecturers and presenters found at most conferences.

The Focus Groups are 75-minute discussions created in advance in response to interests submitted by attendees prior to the day of the event. These may include Multicultural Curriculum, Constructing a Schoolwide Math Program, Students and Character Development, and Support for Minority Students. Each focus group has a volunteer facilitator who helps to shape the agenda and ensures each group member has an equal opportunity to participate.

In “Feedback Sessions,” the teacher presents ideas s/he’d like to implement or ideas s/he may have questions about. The groups of teachers listen, discuss aloud, and then generate ideas for how to best resolve outstanding issues to refine the practice.

Participants will benefit from the all-day event, forging individual collegial connections and gleaning feedback and assistance in developing curriculum plans or confronting educational dilemmas.


The National Center for Independent School Renewal (NCISR) is a growing association of schools strongly committed to the work of education renewal and innovation through a powerful model of professional development. NCISR was formally established in September 1998 and is a not-for-profit organization that receives funding from the Klingstein Fund and the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation. Governed by a 20-member Board of Directors, NCISR is an established part of east coast school curriculums, and is beginning to recognize a presence in Northwest educational institutions.

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