Catlin Gabel Tennis Coach Hedy Jackson Named Northwest Sectional Coach of the Year

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Feb 26, 2004

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Catlin Gabel Tennis Coach Hedy Jackson Named Northwest Sectional Coach of the Year

Catlin Gabel tennis coach Hedy Jackson has been named by the National Federation of High Schoolsí Coaches Association as the Northwest Sectional Coach of The Year for boys and girls tennis teams for 2003. She is now a finalist for National Coach of the Year, which will be announced April 1.

Under Hedyís coaching, Catlin Gabelís boys and girls tennis teams both had an outstanding two-year run in 2002 and 2003. Both teams were district and state champions each year. The teams were unbeaten in the Tri Valley League, which is composed of 3A and 2A schools.

Mike Davis, athletic director at Catlin Gabel, describes Hedy as ìa very supportive coach who makes tennis fun. She is a knowledgeable and experienced instructor, with a firm but friendly approach to the students.î

Catlin Gabel junior David Kellogg says that because of Hedyís ìinspiring, competitive, and†positive outlook,î the team ìlooks forward to each day of playing tennis under her as our coach.î Echoing this sentiment, senior Aitor Maiz says ìI canít wait to get into the season. With Hedyís help Iím sure weíll have plenty of success.î

In describing her coaching philosophy, Hedy says, ìI like the kids to have a good time. My goal is that they improve their skills and experience success. The winning and losing takes care of itself when students are having fun on the court with their team mates. I donít emphasize winning.î

Hedy also teaches health and physical education at Catlin Gabel, where she has been on staff since 1996. In high school, she played junior tennis at the national level for Canada. As an adult, she continued to compete on the national level from the Pacific Northwest, and won the Canadian national doubles championship. She went on to work for the United States Tennis Association, as Director of Junior Player Development for the Northwest region, where she coached nationally competitive junior tennis teams. Four times during the past decade Hedy and her daughter, Tasha, won first place in the National Mother and Daughter Indoor Tennis Championship.