Catlin Gabel Girl Named Captain of Coed Varsity Baseball Team

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Mar 31, 2004

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Catlin Gabel Girl Named Captain of Coed Varsity Baseball Team

High school junior Megan Dorough has been selected captain of Catlin Gabel’s varsity baseball team. The team is composed of three girls and thirteen boys. According to the Oregon School Activities Association, which promotes and sponsors interscholastic athletic and other activities, less than one percent of Oregon high school baseball players were girls last year. Megan is believed to be the first girl to captain a high school baseball team in Oregon.

This is Megan’s second year playing baseball competitively. As a gifted athlete who plays on the varsity girls soccer and basketball teams, she found learning baseball to be simple. She discovered a gift for left-handed batting, even though she is right handed, giving her a quicker initial step in getting to first base. According to her coaches and teammates, she is an excellent player with the highest on-base percentage of the team. Megan started 90% of last year’s games, playing second base or left field, which her coaches anticipate will be true again this year.

Megan says she would like to improve her hitting this year and increase her strength- the one area where she says girls are at a disadvantage with respect to boys in baseball. Her attitude to being one of very few girls in a male-dominated sport is casual, and she describes her male teammates as “very supportive” of her captaining the team. She has become accustomed to being mistaken by the opposing team for a score keeper or a fan while at games, and is enthusiastic about representing female athletes on the field this year, saying, “It’ll let the boys know that girls can play their sport, too, and that we’re as good at it as they are.”

“Given the chance, Megan will outplay and outsmart most other players in our league,” says Brian Thomas, Catlin Gabel’s varsity baseball coach, “Megans leadership, drive, and tenacious play make her an obvious choice for team captain. Megan is respected by her teammates across the board- she clearly is the heart and soul of the team.” On coaching the only coed team in the league, Brian adds, “It’s important for any kid who’s passionate about baseball to be able to play.”