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"We become full citizens as we gain confidence - confidence that we do have something important to contribute."

Norman Krumholz - pioneer of equty planning in civic leadership 

Summer 2011 

Fresh Focus: Envisioning a New Public Space for Portland's Hollywood District (DRAFT)

Project clients: City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability and Hollywood Neighborhood Association
Forward:Rex Burkholder, Metro Regional Government

Spring 2011 

A Walk Down Main Street: A Vision of Walkability in Alberta Arts District

Project client: Alberta Main Street 
Forward:Jeremy Van Keuren, Portland Development Commission 


Project Presentation at Alberta Main Street Office - 5/6/2011



Fall 2010 

Shifting Gears: A Guide to School-Based Bike Share

Project client: TriMet - Public Transportation Agency for the Portland Metro Region
Forward: Portland Mayor Sam Adams


Project Presentation at TriMet - 1/7/2011

Summer 2010 

High Potential: An Analysis of Future Development of Holladay Park

Project client: City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
Forward: Metro Council President David Bragdon

Spring 2010

Growing Zenger Farm: A Youth Involvement Plan and Site Design

Project client: Friends of Zenger Farm

Students from Catlin Gabel are working with Portland State Unversity School of Urban Studies and Planning graduate students and the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services to design four acres at Zenger Farm, an urban farm in the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood. They are simultaneously learning about planning issues and skills while starting to formulate a plan to involve youth in the design process led by the PSU students.  Plan completion is scheduled for June 2010.

 Recently, students finished their Statement of Work (SOW) that was included in the PSU students' official work plan.  To see what Catlin students are setting out to do in the bigger context of PSU's project, check out this document

Other project documents will be posted upon completion, but in the meantime, follow the progress on their blog.

Lincoln High School Re-design Vision Plan


Project client: Lincoln High School

Students from Lincoln High School are building on the summer 2009 project (see below) to create a vision plan for the future of their high school. This is a timely and important issue as the Portland Public Schools Office of Modernization is considering options for updating Portland's schools while PPS is undertaking a district re-design initiative. Plan completion is scheduled for June 2010.

Project documents will be posted upon completion, but in the meantime follow the progress on their blog.

Fall 2009

Brooklyn Rail Yards District Design 

While most PLACE projects require students to form an informal firm and complete a project for a real client, students from Lincoln High School's first PLACE class worked to create a plan for an area similar to Portland's Brooklyn Rail Yards. The premise of this project was to design a fictional city center using the geographical constraints of the existing site.  

To do this, the students learned about zoning and housing density, examined district design plans, debated smart-growth principles, and made individual neighborhood maps. Then they formed six city bureaus to oversee parks, transportation, citizen involvement, economic development, housing, and social services. The bureaus stated their missions and described their "uncompromisables." The groups worked together to make an initial design based on the original neighborhood maps. Finally, as a method of check and balances, the students were rearranged to form citizen committees to look at the plan. The input was noted and the final changes were made.

The result is this map and a public presentation to Metro councilor Rex Burkholder and the the former development director for the Portland Development Commission, Abe Farkas. It detailed the planning process and examples of potential green-design elements and multi-modal transportation. It also details an emphasis on walkability, access to the riverfront, community schools, diverse housing options, and a dense commercial work/live district at the core.   

Summer 2009

Heart of a Community? A school at the center of a walkable neighborhood 


Project client: Lincoln High School

Last summer, students from PLACE, representing three different public and private high schools in Portland including Catlin Gabel, worked together to create a plan for the re-design of Lincoln, an inner-Portland high school, as a community center at the heart of a walkable neighborhood. 

The students spent the first part of the program learning how Portland works from leaders at the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, Portland Development Commission, as well as various nonprofits, private planning, urban design, and architecture firms. They met local leaders and gained the interdisciplinary experience of designing, implementing, and completing a planning process. As part of their training, they mapped land uses within walking distance of the school, designed surveys (they received 249 responses in four days!), wrote a planning document (see below), and held a public presentation that included government officials.

As a result, their plan is the basis for a year-long class where students at Lincoln High School will take the plan and build on it, creating a more comprehensive vision plan that will compliment the planning effort currently under way by the already-established Long-Term Development Committee.

You can learn more about the day-to-day events of the project by reading the student-authored blog.

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