Partnership with Parents

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Every teacher and staff member in the Middle School has made the choice to work with sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. We truly enjoy this age group. While we understand the challenges faced by young adolescents, you know your child’s individual habits and needs better than anyone.

Middle schoolers are growing quickly, adding inches, pounds, and curves. They are moving from being concrete thinkers to abstract ones. If they have not already, they will soon begin to seek the approval of peers as much as they look for assurances from you. To make matters more complicated, middle school-aged children go through these changes at different times during these years.

So what can we do to make this period of extreme change as positive as possible?


We must maintain a dialogue—call or e-mail us often. As Lark Palma says, ask the questions before misunderstandings become problems.


There are times when middle schoolers will vent about their social world, their work, or the stress in their lives—the same things we vent about. Encourage your children to seek out adults at Catlin Gabel whom they trust. Let them know we will listen. Also, empower them to handle things on their own. If these actions do not ease their anxiety, contact the advisor or classroom teacher about your concerns.


We are committed to telling you about successes, mishaps, or problems as they happen. This lets your children know that the adults in their lives are communicating and we care. Often the things we point out are only for discussion, not value judgments.


Kids are always watching adults. We have to be role models!

If you have questions, please call us. We look forward to working with your family.