Upper School

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We welcome parents from all divisions at Catlin Gabel to volunteer in Upper School programs. Although high school age students don’t always want their own parents around, they are delighted to work with other adults who have ideas and experiences to share with them. From time to time we invite parents to serve on special advisory committees about topics we are working on, and of course the PFA also asks for help with a variety of events throughout the year.

Mentor seniors in the senior project program

Senior projects run for three-and-a-half weeks at the end of the senior year.  Projects may be internships, research positions, or service jobs within an exising organization. Each project needs an adult mentor who will guide the work of the student, and share their knowledge and enthusiasm. Click here for more complete information on the senior project program. If you are interested in offering an internship, please contact Nichole Tassoni or George Zaninovich.

Help design and run a Winterim course

Winterim is a four-day experiential education opportunity in March. Although most courses are proposed by students, we welcome parents to offer Winterim opportunities. We look for activities that will engage and educate 5-15 students, be fairly inexpensive (we offer financial aid when needed, so we need to be frugal), and give students an experience they would not get in the ordinary way. For more information and to discuss ideas, please contact C. Glenn Burnett.

Offer a community service project for students

All Upper School students are required to do 15 hours of service each year, in addition to the service that is part of the school program. They must work for a nonprofit or public agency. If you work for such an organization, either as a volunteer or professionally, and have projects that could be accomplished by strong, smart, and motivated high school students, we would love to know. One of the greatest gifts we can give students is to connect them with adults who are passionate about what they are doing. For more information and to discuss ideas, please contact C. Glenn Burnett.

Lead or coach a student activity

Robotics and Mock Trial both have parent volunteers who work with students on a regular basis. If you have expertise in engineering or law, and time to spend working with these teams, we may have a need for you! Email Dan Griffiths, Upper School head, Dale Yocum for Robtics or Wendy Wilkinson for Mock Trial.

Assistant lead an outdoor program expedition

If you have outdoor education experience, and would be able to help lead an outdoor education program trip, contact Peter Green. Click here for more information about the outdoor education program.

Annual volunteer opportunities and obligations

  • Junior class parents help with graduation
  • Sophomore class parents decorate the site of the graduation party
  • Each athletic team has a Team Parent who helps with communications and logistics
  • Families are asked to be host families for new families, to help welcome them
  • Parents are invited and encouraged to offer items for the auction and attend this event
  • Food! Parents are often asked to bring food for events, including grade level meetings, parents conference days, and other community events