Parking Lot Duty

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Safety is no accident

2013-14 Schedule

September PFA council and reps February 5th Grade 
October 8th Grade  March 2nd Grade
November 4th Grade  April 7th Grade 
December 6th Grade  May 1st Grade 
January 3rd Grade June 6th Grade

At the end of the school day hundreds of Catlin Gabel students run, walk, skip, and shuffle to the curb to be picked up for their commute home. Parking lot attendants monitor the crosswalks to keep our students, parents, and faculty-staff safe.

We need volunteers to perform this very important job. We assign each month to one of the grades in grade levels 1st through 8th. Although parents from the assigned grade are responsible for covering a particular time period, parents may sign up to volunteer for any day that works for them.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact your grade rep.

Safety Guidelines for Parking Lot Duty Volunteers