Beginning School

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The Beginning School welcomes parents to participant in many activities. Here you will find some volunteer opportunities.

Grade Representative Support

The Beginning School grade representatives work with teachers to organize and implement grade-related activities, such as assisting with parties or classroom events, or providing food for parties or conferences. Parents also help with parents-only events such as Back-to-School Night and Harvest Evening, a wine and cheese tasting in the fall. If you are interested in learning about or assisting with these opportunities, please call the PFA grade representative listed in your directory.

Library Assistance

Volunteer on a regular basis in the Beginning and Lower School library, shelving books, checking books in or out, or assisting with other tasks as needed. Email Lisa Ellenberg, Beginning and Lower School librarian, for more information.

Field Trip Assistance

Parents are welcome to join us on our next kindergarten field trip! Parents are helpful and fun to have along to lend a hand as needed. Please consult the class newsletters for upcoming field trips. Our field trips are usually on a bus.

Classroom Assistance

Spend all or part of a day in the classroom, generally helping in a specific area of the classroom as directed by teachers. Please look for the sign-up calendars in each classroom and join us. You can also contact the classroom teachers for more information.