Catlin Gabel Fund

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The Catlin Gabel Fund enhances the school's budget with gifts that support our low 7:1 student teacher ratio, our exceptional teachers, and outstanding academic programs. The fund allows us to grow and innocate by adding programs that are right for our students such as robotics, ourdoor education, the garden, and Chinese language studies. Gifts to the fund are the distinguishing factor that makes Catlin Gabel an enriching experience for students.

Catlin Gabel Fund Committee

The Catlin Gabel Fund committee is made up of parent volunteers who educate fellow parents and community members about Catlin Gabel's financial operating needs. They encourage financial support for the school through phone calls, emails, and personal outreach. For 2012-13, we are pleased to have Hadley Boyd and Tom Watson head this committee.

If you are interested in helping the Catlin Gabel Fund reach its goal by following up with other parents, please contact Catlin Gabel Fund officer Marianne Falk at or 503-297-1894 ext. 374.