PFA Code of Conduct

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As we model behavior for our children, please be aware of how our conduct affects others, particularly other parents in our community.

Here are some tips to help us remember how our actions and words can impact others.

Speak for yourself, saying what you believe, think, and feel.

Use “I statements” rather than “you statements” or “they statements.”

Contribute facts only when you know them to be true.

Respect diverse opinions.
Through a variety of ideas and perspectives, new plans and paths are developed. Make room for new ways of doing things.

Maintain confidentiality.
To nurture a safe, supportive parent-school community, it is ESSENTIAL that references to people, what they said or how they feel, not be shared with others outside a meeting or conversations. It is particularly important that information shared by parents about their children not be shared with other students.

Avoid gossip.
Remember, you are a representative of the school when you volunteer for the PFA.