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The goal of this section is to help parents find interesting and informative resources related to all aspects of parenting adolescents. Many of the websites listed contain links to additional sites. If you know or discover any excellent parenting websites that you would like to see included here, please contact us with your suggestions.

Adolescent Directory On-Line
Looking for a site that focuses specifically on adolescent issues?
Sponsored by the Center for Adolescent Studies at Indiana University, this site is organized into the following topics: conflict and violence, mental health, health issues, counselor resources and topics of interest to teens. One click will take you to the books, articles, newsletters, magazines and agencies that focus on yor topic. A wealth of information here!

ParenTalk Newsletter - Adolescence
Want helpful advice on special adolescent concerns?
Sponsored by the National Parenting Center, this site contains articles for parents written by nine of the wrold's most renowned child-rearing authorities. Articles are added frequently and are categorized into the following groups: communicating with your teen, body image, talking about sex, talking about drugs, privacy, stress, setting limits, suicide, dealing with divorce, and high school and beyond.

Schwab Foundation for Learning
Do you have a child with learning differences?
The Schwab Foundation for Learning offers a wide range of services for parents and educators to provide information, support and resources to improve the lives of students with learning differences. This site contains an excellent booklist for parents of children with learning differences, journal articles, national resources, and links to other informative sites.

Child Safety on the Internet
Looking for practical guidelines that will ensure your child's safety on the Internet?
The National Parent Information Network produces a brochure that discusses safety on the information highway, potential risks, how children and parents can safeguard themselves, and rules for online safety. There are also links to other parent resources.

Supporting Girls in Adolescence
Interested in issues that face your preadolescent or adolescent daughter?
This site contains an informative article written by Diane Rothenberg that covers self-concept and academic achievement, self-image and body image and a list of support strategies for girls. There is a bibliography included and links to other ERIC Digests that contain short reports on topics of interest in education.

Role Model Project for Girls
Interested in sharing and/or discussing career opportunities with young girls?
Sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery, Committee on Women in Computing, and other corporate programs devoted to providing professional role models to young women, this site is a great place to visit with your daughter! It offers real examples of women professionals in a wide range of non-traditional careers as well as links to schools and additional resources. You can contribute to the project by submitting a short questionnaire about your career.

National Clearinghouse for Drug and Alocohol Information
Want the facts on substance and alcohol abuse?
Here is a complete resource for all of your questions. One of the links provides articles specifically directed towards teens and another for parents. Some of the titles are: "Tips for Teens: Marijuana" and "Facts on Tobacco and Cancer." These articles provide safety guidelines and well-presented facts on substance abuse.