Parent-Faculty Association

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The Parent Faculty Association (PFA) includes all parents of children enrolled at Catlin Gabel and all members of the faculty. Its purpose is to facilitate communication between parents, teachers, and administration, to encourage parent involvement in school activities, and to work cooperatively with faculty and staff to strengthen the Catlin Gabel community. The PFA invites all parents and teachers to parent community meetings on the third Thursday of each month. Parent community meetings include division reports, budget updates, and guest speakers. PFA representatives welcome questions and are in a position to assist parents and teachers.

2013-14 PFA Parent Community Meetings 

PFA parent community meetings are held in Gerlinger Auditorium (lower level of US Library) from 8:30 to 10  a.m. Refreshments are available in the Barn before the meetings beginning at 8 a.m.

Thursday, September 19
Thursday, October 24
Thursday, November 21
Thursday, December 12
Thursday, February 20
March – no meeting
Thursday, April 17
Thursday, May 15

2013-14 PFA Leadership

President Pam Lloyd
Vice President Liz McClanan
Adviser to the Council Kayla Reich
Treasurer Adrienne Hill
Communications Coordinator Ingeborg Holliday
Host Families Coordinator Marjorie Dial
Spring Festival Coordinator Scott Cooley 
Beginning School  
Division Coordinator Maya Wells '89 
Preschool Joanie Wardwell & Arah Erickson '87
Kindergarten Nicole Lee & Jen Yoken
Lower School  
Division Coordinator Sarah Stascausky
First Grade Alayna Luria & Stacey Misakian
Second Grade Glen Levy & Adam Pushkas
Third Grade Stacie Beckerman & Jill Eberwein
Fourth Grade Colleen Maslen '88 & Heather Renjen
Fifth Grade Spitzi Barnicle & Alex Druker
Middle School  
Division Coordinator Kirsten Brady
Sixth Grade Melissa Naito & Courtenay Thompson
Seventh Grade Maria Hall & Scott Pozzi
Eighth Grade Bleu Blakesee & Cath Swanston
Upper School  
Division Coordinator Azin van Alebeek
Ninth Grade Christine Carr & Zoë Edelen Hare
Tenth Grade Laura Bueermann & Melissa Salvador
Eleventh Grade Elizabeth English & Betsy Natter
Twelfth Grade Meg Bishop & Wendy Whitsell