Email Lists

Send by email

Catlin Gabel maintains lists of parent email addresses per class year and division. As a parent you can expect the same address that you have listed in our directory to also be included on our parent email lists unless you have requested an alternative arrangement. 

Email Delivery

On occasion we get questions from parents about the delivery of email to the lists. It is important to know that as with all internet-based email we have no way of confirming actual delivery of an email to a particular address. As a sender of bulk email there is always the possibility that an internet service provider (ISP) will block delivery of email from Catlin Gabel's system. This can happen if the ISP categorizes our email as spam. We make every effort to avoid the profile of a spammer, but as ISPs get more and more aggressive with their filtering system this is not always possible. If you are not receiving Catlin Gabel parent email you can take a few steps to help resolve the situation.

Look up your information in the Catlin Gabel directory to ensure that we have your email address correctly recorded.  If you need to make an adjustment, please submit updated contact information using this form.

Check any folders in your email client to ensure that Catlin Gabel email is not getting filtered away from your main inbox without your knowledge. Some common names of folders are 'spam', 'bulk', 'forums', and 'junk'.

Whitelist and in your email client. The specific mechanism for whitelisting will vary by email client and ISP. If you have questions about how to whitlelist, your best contact for help will be your ISP.

List Etiquette

We ask that you follow these etiquette guidelines when sending email to the class list.

Refrain from using the list to further personal businesses or causes.

It is not appropriate to use the list to solicit for fundraising efforts that are not directly related to school initiatives. Refer to the handbook.

Before using the list, consider if it is the best tool for your purpose. 

Think of your audience. Do you really need to send your message to all parents in the class, or might it be better to send to a more targeted audience?

Resist replying to everyone if your reply is intended for the original sender (to RSVP, for example).