Bus Service

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Schedule and required forms posted at bottom of page. Service begins September 3.

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The school offers five bus routes each morning and afternoon. Buses arrive on campus by 7:45 a.m. and leave promptly at 3:30 p.m.

The cost is $5.00 per ride. Students are billed monthly. Link to bus fees.

We offer a variety of packages including an annual pass, half-year pass, and morning or afternoon only. Families wishing to purchase a pass should contact Chris Balag in the business office. She will arrange for monthly billing.

The bus routes and schedule for 2013-14 are posted as a downloadable file at the bottom of this page. If you plan to have your child ride the bus, be sure to print, sign, and return the documents marked "Sign and Return" below.

See the bus routes map for details about routes and stops. Just click on a marker to see stop details. Adjustments to stop times will be posted on this map as well as changes in the bus routes and schedules document below. An email will also be sent out to all parents alerting them of any changes.

Before you ride the bus . . .

Students riding the bus are required to complete the Oregon Department of Education Bus Regulations form posted as a downloadable file at the bottom of this page. The form must be signed by a parent/guardian and student.  In addition, the Parent/Guardian Guidelines form must also be read and signed by a parent/guardian.  Both forms are to be submitted to the child's division administrative assistant prior to riding the bus.  New forms must be submitted each year.  

Parents of Beginning and Lower School afternoon bus riders must make advance arrangements with Ginny Malm, After-School Care Director, 503-297-1894 ext. 666 or asc@catlin.edu (before 1:30pm, preferred) or ext. 353 if later. See details in the parent guidelines posted below.

Questions about routes or stops, email Ed Sallia, facilities administrative assistant and transportation coordinator or call 503-297-1894 ext. 401. 

The #20 TriMet bus stops at both hospital entrances going to and from the Sunset Max station. The first stop is at the hospital fountain entrance and the second stop is under the overpass entrance to the hosptial. Please check the TriMet website for the schedule.